ZeroTraffic (ZTT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Future of Congestion Management

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Sep`17-15 Oct`17
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About ZeroTraffic

Our governments have failed to control traffic congestion repeatedly. That’s because building roads is extremely expensive and tolls are unpopular. But we the people can take back control by limiting demand for using the congested/standstill roads during peak hours. The ideal target ages for our users are single and couples before having children (<33) and after children leave the home (>45). We will use non-monetary incentives using smart phones which are better than money, such as points, badges, levels, and status and seek sponsors and media who may award fuel,product discounts, recognition, etc. as well thru weekly, monthly, and yearly contests in various sizes such as cities, provinces or states and countries. This will be addictive like computer games because we will seek to put users on a dopamine treadmill.

We sell tokens which can be traded or sold by our investors. These tokens are used only for registering an authorized Deputy Mayor (DM)for a district near the preferred location of the investor and sized by payment type and competitive investor landscape in the investor's area. No equity or debt shares are provided.

ZeroTrafficbelieves it has a unique solution by combining pervasive user owned GPS smart phones, new gamification techniques that allow motivation and engagement to be increased withnon-monetary rewards, and ZeroTraffic's unique experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems. We see the potential to reduce rush hour traffic by 10% and increase remaining travel speed by a significant factor on highways and arterial roadways.