ZeroState (ZSC) ICO

updated 13 March 2018

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN Effective solution for customer loyalty management through emotional involvement.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Mar`18-31 Aug`18
Cap: 5 000 ETH
(876 950 USD)
Goal: 25 000 ETH
(4 384 750 USD)
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ZeroState — Sensopedia

ZeroState — the emotional intelligence powered by blockchain

Usually during ICO the money is collected for the realization of some idea or project. It is very difficult for investors to decide what will become out of this project at the end, how it will look like in the future. ZeroState already has a product and a working application that has been downloaded by over 60,000 users. Therefore, in this case it is much easier for investors. They can download the application and test it. They can watch the working product to determine how it is interesting and useful, both personally for them and in terms of investment and potential profits.

ZeroState suggests to apply a new approach to the search of goods and services. It is necessary to search the product you are interested in not according the principle of “what is it”, but in the terms of emotional valuation of the product, how it is interesting for users, how they evaluate it. Any emotion can be expressed by one word, and the first impression is often the most correct. After we turn on the brains, begin to analyze, doubt and change our point of view. To express your first attitude to the product, to pass the emotion, it is enough to write only one word.

On the ZeroState platform all the products, services, photos, movies, videos, music and even books are divided into different categories, so that every user can find what he likes and is interested in. The offers of advertisers have a special mark that for their valuation you can earn tokens. Thus, leaving the feedback, the user can earn tokens that can be used on the platform or withdraw and sell in the cryptocurrency exchange. A paid advertising ensures the turnover of tokens in the system. All reviews are counted depending on their meaning, raising the product to a higher position. Analyzing the reviews, the advertiser can determine the attitude of people to their product, their emotional evaluation.

The objectivity of valuation is affected by the fact that the user will receive tokens even for negative feedback, if he did not like the product. That people did not abuse their right to earn tokens and did not put the false reviews, flood and cheating, there is a double control system for the paid reviews from advertisers. The blockchain provides transparency. Thus, the advertisers can check that the user reviews are real, not cheated and people actually think so about this product. It is very important for the advertiser to know an objective valuation of product. This will help in the future to make an advertising campaign and find a right focus for the further promotion of product.

The application is available for the download on any mobile device. The phone is always with you, and therefore, you can make money on the valuations any time of the day. For the same reason, the mobile advertising is very profitable for advertisers. People can not live without their mobile gadgets, constantly looking at the phone and searching the necessary information and communication. ZeroState offers to combine business with pleasure. An interesting information with the emotional valuation with equally exciting token earnings. Now a test system for paying reviews in fiat money has been launched.

ICO is used to start a wide advertisement of application, hire specialists for its further development and improvement, access the application to international markets and search for advertisers. The goal is to create an international project accessible to users and advertisers around the world, and through emotional involvement to connect all people from different countries and cultures within a single platform.

The heart of any project is its team, their coherence, interaction and, of course, experience. ZeroState has an experienced team with many successful projects and business consultants who have implemented many successful ICOS and developed them.

However, we do not need a long description, if everything can be resumed in one word, the emotion. Download the apps and dive into the world of ZeroState.