updated 23 September 2018

ZAN Coin will be a community of currency users who benefit from the software development, making a profit at each level of the SDL. We aim to

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Apr`18-20 May`18
Cap: 10 000 ETH
(2 680 400 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(536 080 USD)
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ZAN Coin details

The coin is nothing new in the aspect of technology - it is Ethereum based, but its implementation is the thing that we want to put forward.

We are a bunch of people with IT background that already has existing projects and we are working with lots of freelance developers and customers on different locations.

We faced a lot of issues with payments and keeping everybody on the same page - that's how we came up with the ZAN Coin idea.

Using a cryptocurrency to pay to our developers and motivate them to keep it as an investment is something that we wanted to introduce.

We spoke with them and the majority agreed so we created our ICO.

The main points which we want to emphasize on are:

- Speed (payments are made really fast, and tax issues are tackled)

- Motivation (people can keep the coin as an investment - read down and you will know)

- Quality of products (we believe that if we motivate our devs the quality of our products will be better)

So, now you can ask... why don't you use just Ethereum or Bitcoin, or any other existing currency.

Here comes the sweet part. We want to pay dividends to each person holding our coin (investor, developer etc.) on a monthly basis. From the sales we make - we will split the winnings 50-50. 50% goes to the company for reinvestment and salaries and so on... and 50% goes as dividends but in the form of ZAN Coins. So if you are a developer that worked for our products you will get dividends based on your own work.