YooPing (YPNG) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Block spam Whitelist friends Charge anyone else

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Feb`18-07 Mar`18
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About YooPing

User Benefits
Most people receive unsolicited communications they would prefer not to. Having an easy, default way to reduce this is a good start. However, without always knowing the source, we may not want to reject everyone. Therefore, having an easy way to control future communication by sender ( either by specific type or all types ) empowers people. That’s why YOOPING provides
such a simple, fast, protocol.

Social Benefits
People, especially vulnerable or non technically aware are especially susceptible to spam and fraud. Through sensible defaults, these people are protected by an initial communication fee which deters spam and even marketing companies from contacting them.

Economic Benefits
The reduction of spam and phishing will save the global economy up to $50bln annually. The communication between businesses and consumers will be more trusted, leading to better sales and less fraudulent transactions.

Commercial Benefits
Competitive advantage is key to most businesses and disadvantage actively reduces product effectiveness. Therefore, as users want more control, they will migrate to products that give them the benefits, creating churn in services which don’t. We believe our industry bodies, which will derive the protocols per communication type, will be popular with all of the largest
commercial product producers, as they will have a vested interest to implement their users requirements as seamlessly as possible. The other benefit partners will revenue opportunities. Although some may currently make money supporting unsolicited communication events, we believe giving the users the ability to control their own contact fees will, ultimately rofitable revenue streams for all of our partners and stimulate further innovation in the communications industry.

Governmental Benefits
Governments save tremendous amounts of money which had been spent on complaint handling and criminal investigations, trying to identify and prosecute the beneficiaries of spam, phishing and fraud.

Innovation Benefits                                                                                                               
Imagine a world where you can charge an individual or group, any fee for communicating with you, if they are willing to pay it. Already applicable to businesses, knowledge workers, celebrities and digital content producers (such as blogger and gamers) who can immediately unlock a source of revenue and monetise their work. Now think of the potential for other people to kickstart a career or business by offering paid advice or help. These new innovators stimulate the economy and advance innovation in communication further. Tax on each transaction is sourced automatically, helping the social bill. The future is exciting when you think about it. By decentralising user preference and decentralising monetisation, justifying the importance of cryptocurrencies, communications could be the catalyst for innovating business of the future.