updated 01 January 2018

Your key to the economy of future

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Status: ended
Start: 01 January 2018
End: 01 March 2018
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About XZEN

XZEN is more than just a wallet. It is the key to the economy of future.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies affordable for the maximum number of people and to accelerate their distribution in all spheres of our life. To achieve this goal, while producing XZEN wallet, we are striving to realize several basic tasks: maximum security of asset storage, most functionality, and ease of use in everyday life.

  • Cybersecurity XZEN
    Own hybrid cybersecurity system
  • Cold storage
    Hardware device with fingerprint scanner
  • Multicurrency
    Storage of various types of cryptoand fiat currencies
  • Payment for goods
    The possibility of NFC payment for goods and services in fiat and crypto currency
  • Exchange
    Access to exchange transactions for the purchase and sale of crypto assets inside the wallet
  • Blockchain
    Decentralized storage of transaction data based on Blockchain