XAYA roadmap

updated 13 October 2018

A new platform where games can run serverless and unstoppable on the blockchain with countless thousands of games and millions of players.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 07 Sep`18-12 Oct`18
Cap: 2 390 BTC
(29985261.024561 USD)
Goal: 16 000 000 BTC
(200 738 080 000 USD)
Price: 1 CHI = 0.00002 BTC
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  • 2013 - JUNE

    Chronokings concept announcement Blockchain gaming begins

  • 2013 - AUG

    Chronokings alpha released

  • 2014 - FEB

    Huntercoin experiment released World’s first decentralised blockchain game (MMO)

  • 2015 - OCT

    Breakthrough — Game Channels Trustless off-chain scaling

  • 2016 - OCT

    XAYA concept

  • 2017 - Q1/Q2

    Initial team expansion, planning and structuring

  • 2017 - MARCH

    Ephemeral Timestamp concept

  • 2017 - NOV

    Private pre-sale begins

  • 2018 - Q1

    Public pre-sale begins XAYA Core closed beta

  • 2018 - Q3

    XAYA Core release Main sale begins

  • 2018 - Q4

    Game templates Beta Developer Hub

  • 2019 - Q1

    XAYA Asset Trading Platform

  • 2019 - Q3

    On-going Business and Blockchain Development, VR Toolkit, Advanced Developer Hub and more



Fairly experienced team, also some world-class advisors. Combined, they definitely have the knowledge to develop this project.
As for the idea, I see nothing new here, as there have been multiple projects that tackled the gaming environment. I clearly see some differences to them, but need to see some working products first.
 I found a wallet that can be downloaded. Cool-looking, however, just a wallet. I also found two links to some games: Soccer Manager Crypto and Treat Fighter. If the links are clicked, you can't find a working product, but some websites that state the games will be developed. So for the moment, just promisses.
I would have expected the website to be more elaborate, only discovered it is a WordPress theme. Don't get me wrong, I believe WordPress is great, it's just I would expect world-class programmers to want to develop their own website, etc.