Worldopo roadmap

updated 06 November 2018

Worldopo is a blockchain based AR game where players can create virtual mining farms that mine real crypto

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Status: ended
Public sale: 23 Apr`18-02 Mar`19
Cap: 18 000 000 USD
Goal: 18 000 000 BTC
(73 211 580 000 USD)
Price: 1 WPT = 0.14 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Liechtenstein
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  • Market entry. Our first steps

    - ICO Launch - MVP. Worldopoly Airminer release - Roadshow. Introduction Worldopo within Europe - Initial Community

  • Marketing expansion. “Game Manager” release

    Post ICO strategy implementation to support WPT-token growth Diving deeply into community interaction Bug-bounty Campaign / Hackathon Event

  • Reaching Softcap. Strategy & Game concept upgrade

    Reached Softcap Detailed Game Play Design with Everdreamsoft at Station F (Paris) Started working on Alpha Release of Worldopo

  • Preparing for Main Sale. Release of New Updates

    Foundation of Qubit AG in Liechtenstein and FMA approval Main Sale on Continued Token Sale Structure (CCO) Release of Alpha Version

  • WPT-token listing. Entry on external Digital asset

    Game update. New game mechanics, buildings & resources, etc In-game Auction for Digital assets trading In-game objects tokenization

  • Game Loop Finalizing

    Finalizing the High Level Game Design and closing the game loop for the Cryptolord Preparing to launch the first stable Pre-Release(Beta)

  • PVP-activities. AR-advertising

    Finalizing the full Game loop Launch of in-game chat and push-notifications for important game events

  • Land Register (Q1)

    Cryptolord will be able to buy land through a special land registry divided by region Expanding AR-functions for PVP-gameplay

  • New Buildings. New Market Economy stage (Q2)

    Entering special types of buildings: Banks, hedge funds and Casino

  • New Features (Q3)

    New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players. To be continued…