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updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Nov`17-07 Dec`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About WishFinance

Unique Business Solution

  • Big data + AI + Blockchain
    Unique combination of technologies, first in class intelligent scoring machine dedicated to SME, automated lean loan processing and blockchain-level transparency
  • Painless repayments
    As Wish Finance is connecting to POS acquiring used by the borrower SME, repayments are made automatically by deducting a small 3-5% fee from every POS transaction
  • Low risk SME lending
    Already by controlling repayments Wish Finance shows lowest risk on the market, to make risk even lower we are insuring each loan from default, while maintaining high profitability

Major Pain Points

  • Underfinanced market
    Inability of small entrepreneurs to get funds vital for their businesses from regular lenders fast and on fair terms
  • Industrial opacity
    Unclear and shady structure of lending business resulting in major fraud scandals like Lending Club’s in 2016
  • Huge rates up to 50%
    High risks of loans to SMEs due to low payment discipline and financial literacy, as result interest rates up to 50% p.a.

Great investment opportunity

  • Zero Default Lending Pilot
    Wish Finance earned 24% per annum on $500000 portfolio in 112 loans pilot project with NO defaults in 2017, thanks to our team and technologies
  • Right Time Investment
    Best opportunity to invest and become a token owner at the ICO where company's valuation is still low, Wish Finance shows profitability at the level of established hedge funds
  • High Valuation Growth Potential
    Based on our calculations company valuation may increase two-threefold in next 12-18 months and the project can become a Unicorn in 10 years