Wikibits (WIKI) ICO

updated 10 January 2018

First blockchain-based, solution-driven Wiki

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Dec`17-31 Mar`18
Cap: 26 534 ETH
(4982819.86 USD)
Goal: 5 307 ETH
(996601.53 USD)
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Wikibits is the first blockchain-based, solution-driven Wiki. The platform is aimed to reduce information fatigue by providing the best community-vested responses to users and directly link the users to relevant product and services nearby and on the web. Wikibits is a revolutionary concept by combining the features of Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Quora.

Wikibits is created as a natural outgrowth of information. With the rapid surge of social media, blockchain and information technologies, meaningful solutions can now be solved and quantified using a community-based approach. Wikibits offers incentives and the information infrastructure to answer questions ranging from daily tasks to finding novel discoveries.

We aim to become THE GO-TO PORTAL that links quantified solutions with their relevant products/services.

Team Experience

We have a dedicated team with decades of experience in Global Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, HP, United Technologies, Tencent, BMW, Qualcomm, Abott, Eli Lilly, Deutche Bank and government entities such as Reserve Bank of India and National Institutes of Health.