updated 13 July 2018

The wiki token is essential to the ecosystem of Crypto University –'s unbiased, propaganda-free educational project.

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    Status: ended
    Public sale: 09 Apr`18-09 Aug`18
    Cap: 32 000 ETH
    (9 975 680 USD)
    Goal: 29 400 BTC
    (326 562 558 USD)
    Price: 1 WIKI = 0.0041 ETH
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    Crypto University announces the first ever Crypto University: an academy for the digital world. Students will access updated, reliable information about Bitcoin technology, blockchain, economy, world affairs, and more. Crypto University challenges traditional education, offering independent, free and impartial knowledge.

    Crypto University is a decentralized, no-nonsense knowledge project; a response to the problems of both modern universities and mainstream media outlets. Politically biased and slow to catch up with technological innovations, traditional educational establishments are letting communities down. On the other hand, old and new media sources have been known to fail readers as well, either censoring information, or featuring manipulated or outdated stories.

    So how does Crypto University? The project is a cycle: users get tokens, use them to receive a crypto education, create their own courses, and receive more tokens in return. When users enroll in courses they are students; when they design courses they are professors.

    Students and professors interact in the three layers that make up Crypto University:

    A campus

    The place where courses are taught. Some courses have free enrollment. In other cases, student will exchange tokens for each hour of the course. These tokens will (after deducting a small fee) go to the professor.

    A WIKI library

    This is, the knowledge base of the university, where users find articles and discussion.

    A faculty

    The faculty is made up of the professors who design courses in exchange for wiki tokens.

    With the incentive of receiving tokens, users are encouraged to write articles on crypto topics for the library, create classes for the campus, and partake in any activity that involves sharing knowledge with the community. Active students are eligible for a scholarship.

    All courses pass through a crowd sourced verification procedure to ensure they are top level programs, contain accurate and updated information, and do not stray off crypto topics.


    Wiki Token


    The wiki token is an Ethereum-based, ERC-20 compatible token, which makes it easy to hold. The circulation of wiki tokens is the glue that brings all 3 layers of the Crypto University together.

    The ecosystem works like this: users participate in the WIKI project; they read articles, study topics, and share their experiences. These activities will allow them to get their first wiki tokens. The tokens can be exchanged for enrollment in courses. Users will also be able to build their own courses. All the content will be proofread and strictly fact-checked before publishing, to ensure accuracy and objectivity of the information. The course authors will receive wiki tokens for their effort.


    21,000,000 wiki tokens will be released, 35% of which will be on offering. 10% will be reserved for the project team by a smart contract. Another 35% will be distributed to authors of successful courses, and the remaining 20% will be available for students contributing to the WIKI library (



    The project is certainly interesting, but is it planned to add a token to the crypto-exchanges?


    I think there is a slightly different focus of the project.

    Wikitoken will interest many universities.


    You yourself answered your question;) 

    I think not only universities but also authors of books, discoveries, etc. will also participate in this.


    The Wiki token (WIKI) has been listed on


    It will be very useful for students, since knowledge will be open and accessible to everyone. Now we need to find the tokens until they are more expensive)


    You can find it here –

    or on