Whyral ICO

updated 04 April 2018

Whyral is an AI based decentralized influencer marketing and influencer evaluation platform powered by blockchain.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Apr`18-15 Aug`18
Cap: 17 642 ETH
(4750284.92 USD)
Goal: 4 500 ETH
(1 211 670 USD)
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Whyral- Transforming Social Media Marketing

In the ever growing industry of Influencer Marketing it is extremely difficult to keep track of brands and influencers. Brands find it exceedingly strenuous to maintain a database of all the influencers within a particular field and even when they do get the right influencers then contacting them is a different ball game altogether.

At the same time Influencers face the issue of finding the right brands that could help them monetize their channel. Most of the influencers lack the presence of a dedicated sales and business team which makes it difficult for them to land contracts with the brands.

This is where Whyral steps in to save the day by making the process easy for both the Brands and the Influencers. Whyral is a decentralized platform that bridges the gap between Influencers and Brands. It provides a stage where brands can create campaigns and find the right influencer to promote it. It uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence Engines to provide rankings and recommendations to improve the campaign performance and uses ERC20 token called Whyral token. This coupled with blockchain technology and smart contracts makes the entire user experience foolproof.

The trustless model of Whyral prevents the need of any third party or financial institution to carry out transactions. This saves the transaction processing time and costs while making sure that the identity of all the parties involved remains private.

Whyral integrates another AI Engine that analyses all the social media data stored on the blockchain to rank any social media page. Just like Alexa ranks web pages based on different parameters, Whyral will be able to rank any social media channel.

Apart from this Whyral avails Smart Analytics to help the Influencers check their social media performance and make changes in the promotion strategy.