WePower Network (WePower token (WPR)) ICO

updated 24 September 2017

WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Feb`18-14 Feb`18
Cap: 35 000 000 ETH
(7 173 600 000 USD)
Goal: 5 000 000 ETH
(1 024 800 000 USD)
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The world is lagging behind the renewable energy adoption. Current renewable energy share is 24%, however due to a drop in investment level this year it became complicated to reach 100% renewable target. Without a higher investment into renewable energy fight against the climate change will not be successful. Due to drop in subsidies and more and more renewable energy being developed to compete at a market price banks started increasing demand on higher level of own capital and debt ratio. It moved from 20:80 to close to 50:50 for newly developing renewable energy projects. Equity capital became a limited source of financing contributing to plunge in investment due to smaller leverages. 2016 level of investment into renewable energy has reached a level of 242 Billion USD representing a 23% decrease over previous year. Renewable energy financing market is closed. Only big institutional players have access to energy investments.


WePower enables green energy producers to fundraise their projects by issuing energy tokens which represent energy to be produced in the future and sold at below market price. Investors and energy buyers can realise gains by selling this energy at market price when it is produced or use this energy for private needs.

WePower solves the current problems of access to capital for the renewable energy developers and provides access to investments in profitable projects directly for the final consumers, any type of investors and energy market makers. This is done using the fast and transparent way through smart contracts on blockchain. By employing technology WePower solves the following energy market inefficiencies: • Global access to capital for green energy projects • Standardises processes • Provides transparent accounting


Increase of the produced renewable energy volumes and bigger return on equity ratio (ROE by 25%). Producers can reinvest bigger amounts in the renewable energy production. For investors the internal rate of return (IRR) increases up to 17- 20%. And its secure, energy backed and liquid investment. If anyone decides to use the energy for its own needs, then IRR should be considered as a discount for the consumed energy. Based on WePower business model, we will decrease the pollution by CO2 emitted to the atmosphere that has a negative impact of at least 35 EUR per ton, as estimated by OECD, or 1,13 trillion USD annually. WePower solution allows to record exactly how much and what type of energy was produced and hat amount of CO2 emission cut. It guarantees that you buy exactly green energy and brings transparency in the market.

Backed by StartupBootcamp

WePower was accepted to StartupBootcamp Energy program

StartupBootcamp is the biggest global startups accelerator with programs in major startup hubs including London, New York, Singapore, Berlin, Amsterdam, and many others. It provides both a global reach and industry-focus to its portfolio companies.

WePower is accepted to the Energy program which marks the significant recognition of our technological achievements in using the blockchain to revolutionise the energy markets.

STBC Energy program is supported by the major energy companies like Energy Australia and Spotless. Multi billion worth companies will help WePower to scale in Australia.


Team is led by energy expert Nick Martyniuk, highly experienced energy infrastructure specialists Kaspar Kaarlep and Heikki Kolk, who are leading team of 14 highly experienced energy engineers and ex-Skype programmers.

WePower advisors include founding director of Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis and Bancor Protocol co-founder Eyal Hertzog. WePower also has a team of investment, crowdfunding, token economics, blockchain, payment and securities specialists.

Revolutionary Energy Token

All renewable energy developers have to donate part of their produced energy to the WePower platform. All WPR tokens constantly accrue this energy. WPR token holders can sell this energy or use it for their personal needs if WePower is connected to their local energy grid. WPR token also provides priority access to the green energy auctions which further increases WPR token demand.

WePower innovative token model was clarified with the European regulator. It is structured as a reward based crowdfunding, where contributors can get free energy as a reward and they can either use it or sell it on the platform. The tokens are backed by real assets - energy - and ensures liquidity. The real value grows together with the platform’s expansion.

Platform Development

MVP launched. WePower platform is ready. You can try the demo version on our webpage.

Secured partnerships. WePower has secured a pipeline of renewable energy projects of more than 1000 MW. Many more talks are taking place with multiple renewable energy producers in Europe and Australia. Within 9 months after ICO, WePower will be operational and start its activities in Spain. The launch in Spain is due to already concluded partnership with first WePower client, who is building in Spain 1000 MW solar energy capacity plants. With the

Energy Tokenization

WePower will be running a nationwide tokenization pilot with the Estonian TSO Elering. This is the first pilot of this kind globally providing a huge proof of concept for both WePower and blockchain in general.