weBloc (WEB) ICO

updated 09 November 2018

Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Nov`18-21 Nov`18
Cap: 17 800 000 USD
Goal: No info
Blockchain: Other
Offering type: Utility
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About weBloc

weBloc suggests a Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) shifting from the media-focused advertising market to an incentivized advertising market where a blockchain-based token economy can be applied.

The tangible assets in the weBloc network are defined as weB and weBP.

The value of all tokens issued through the weBlock Protocol can be calculated by weB. weB token can be traded in the Trade Market or used as the payment method, defining the market value and size.

weB Power

weBP is the platform token that can be used as an original token for maintaining the size of the weBloc ecosystem and expanding its future value inside the weBloc ecosystem. Participants can engage in advertising and get weBP as rewards and 25% of the total tokens issued will be provided to the network participants on the weBloc Protocol.