WeAre ecosystem roadmap

updated 13 December 2017

First self-regulated full stack blockchain ecosystem

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  • 3.0
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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Dec`17-15 Feb`18
Cap: 3 500 000 USD
Goal: 3 500 000 USD
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  • Creating the first WeAre concept

    Creating the first WeAre concept

  • Privat Pre-sale

    Privat Pre-sale

  • Preparing and making crowdsale

    Preparing and making crowdsale

  • Exchange listings

    Exchange listings

  • First ACO of projects

    First ACO of projects

  • Completed and working main office

    Completed and working main office

  • Completed ecosystem

    Completed ecosystem

  • Completed operational part

    Completed operational part

  • WeAre Foundation branch network

    WeAre Foundation branch network



WeAre looks like a fairly good idea. Blockchain businesses these days are becoming more independent and most of them have quite good teams with experienced developers. Going into the pros and cons of WeAre ecosystem,


  1. User-friendly website, detailed whitepaper
  2. Technology oriented
  3. Experienced team


  1. Media engagement is missing
  2. Team has no diversity
  3. Looks like WeAre ICOs are overpriced with respect to their community


  1. Get more tech guys on board. For providing a full stack ecosystem, you need more developers to manage the tasks.
  2. User engagement is minimal. Try staying in contact with your potential clients.
  3. Have a more diverse team. Also, expand your team, it's too small
  4. Get initial traction to your idea and refine your prototype.


I'm an investor in cryptocurrencies and a trained brand strategist. I have invested over $1M in cryptocurrencies and helped to brand over 100 organizations.

Note - I'm neither associated with the WeAre ecosystem nor has endorsed it. This review is my personal view and should not be taken seriously for investing purposes .