updated 01 January 2018

An Evolution In The Porn Industry

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VR Platform OKO

About VR Platform OKO

The decentralized VR OKO platform is the driver of progress on the pornography market, with no equals as yet. The platform, which is protected against hacking, solves several problems at once, all of which seriously inhibit the development of the pornography market:

  • Switching to a new video playback format. In the last two years, the number of search requests related to VR porno has increased by 9,900% (according to official statistics from Google). The monthly growth in the audience of VR movies for adults is 250-300%. Deliveries of VR headsets will multiply by 10 by 2020, according to predictions by VR HMD (Head Mounted Display) market researchers at the Juniper Research company. By 2020, the VR pornography market will be worth $1 billion per year.
  • Pornographic content distribution without intermediaries.
  • Fighting against piracy. A distributed open-source database for controlling rights to intellectual property.
  • The anonymity of users and payments. In most countries, pornography is legal, but there are serious limitations on its distribution. Confidentiality is made possible thanks to the level of security, transparency and permanence of records that blockchain technology provides.
  • The ability to set up private video chats in virtual reality without intermediary websites and currently existing limitations. VR technologies are certain to breathe new life into the type of adult content in which a girl in a video chat does what is asked of her. The effect of presence in such videos will increase as it will be possible to almost ‘touch’ the girls.
  • A virtual market of goods and services for adults. Millions of commercial applications from manufacturers without intermediaries.
  • The decentralized P2P principle allows for the elimination of intermediary services.