VolAir (VOL) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

Blockchain based Private Jet Charter & Luxury Lifestyle at your fingertips

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Status: ended
Public sale: 26 Sep`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 28 530 000 USD
Goal: No info
Price: 1 VOL = 0.12 USD
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Blockchain based Private Jet Charter & Luxury Life

VolAir is bringing private jet charters & luxury lifestyle to the people. VolAir is gearing up to provide easy access, through our upcoming app, to offer everyone the best possible private jet rates & accompanying lifestyle. Along with accessibility, you will be able to get loyalty bonuses with your VOL wallet and exclusive benefits from our partners. We are striving to bring the private jet luxury lifestyle, previously only dreamt of, to you. While others are obsessing on moon lambos, we want to bring you closer to the moon, in luxury. For additional information visit our website.