updated 16 November 2018

Decentralized Porn Studio with a unified adult-industry cryptocurrency, OGO coin, that provides much more utility than just being a payment

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 46 000 000 USD
Goal: 4 600 000 USD
Price: 1 OGO = 1 USD
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About VogoV

VogoV is an already-functioning adult entertainment studio based in Los Angeles that produces and distributes high-quality content in 4k and 60fps as well as VR videos. Within our studio, the decision-making process around the production of adult videos is decentralized. This means every token holder can vote on the content being produced. Scenarios, participating actors and actresses, and other aspects of production will be voted on within the voting charter.

OGO coin is a unified adult-industry cryptocurrency with a $3 million liquidity pool to ensure its business-use proliferation. OGO coin is an anonymous and secure way to pay for adult goods and services without intermediaries. To ensure a strong uptake in the use of OGO coin, VogoV are developing the cryptocurrency infrastructure called OgoShift.

OgoShift is an adult-industry cryptocurrency infrastructure composed of a wallet interconnected with an exchange, a marketplace and a merchant account. OgoShift enables to merchants to accept fixed-amount, time-recurring and pay-per-view payments within the infrastructure and through the smart contracs on Ethereum.


No need to wait!

OGO coin can be used as soon as a token holder buys it during the pre-crowdsale and crowdsale. The token is already accepted at the following websites with a discount that is three times cheaper than fiat currency:

  1. VogoV.com with 2 exlusive videos starring Markus Dupree, Mia Malkova, Gina Valentina
  2. TeenMegaWorld with 5000+ hottest videos
  3. TmwVRnet with 160+ high-quality VR videos

OGO coin will provide token holders with a number of distinct benefts that will help the coin not only grow in utility value but also grow its reach. One of our goals is to have OGO coin become the main payment method and access point for the entire adult entertainment industry.

Economic Value: OGO coin is a unifed adult-industry cryptocurrency which enables users to make anonymous and secure payments with the smallest possible transaction fee and no intermediaries. The cryptocurrency’s market circulation is underpinned by a burn mechanism meaning any OGO coin tokens that come back and are stored in VogoV wallets will be burned when the coin price is lower than its original crowdsale price.

Economical Value: The token provides holders with a discount on a VogoV membership that is three times cheaper than a regular membership bought with fat currency. In addition, the token gives holders pay-per-view and membership access to the libraries of VogoV’s partners, including TeenMegaWorld and TMWVR. Membership access to these partners’ libraries will also be three times cheaper than memberships paid with fat currency. For the frst fve months, starting on August 21, 2018, a three-month membership to VogoV.com will cost only two OGO coin

Goods and services purchased with the OGO coin cryptocurrency will also earn a discount in accordance with our partnership arrangements.

Community Value: The token will give holders the right to vote on the contentproduction process of VogoV.com. OGO coin is the fundamental tool through which token holders can take part in the production of adult entertainment videos by voting on a special and transparent platform. Token holders will be able to vote in accordance with the number of tokens they hold in their wallet.

Tech side in a nutshell

The payment infrastructure’s core is a cryptocurrency wallet interconnected with the exchange, merchant account, and marketplace. It is the entry point into the payment infrastructure. The OgoShift wallet is a cloud-based wallet offering increased convenience. A user can generally access their cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet from any device anywhere. The wallet is easy to set up, and comes with both a web and a mobile version. The mobile version is available for both iOS and Android.

The OgoShift infrastructure enables customers to make both on-chain and off-chain payments:

  • Cryptocurrency off-chain payments are made within the infrastructure without the transaction being executed on the blockchain. It enables customers to pay with any cryptocurrency. For example, a customer may want to make a purchase using Litecoin. In this instant, the merchant can use a billing option within the OgoShift infrastructure that charges a certain amount of Litecoin at a certain time. The off-chain payment can be made only in cases when a merchant and a customer use the OgoShift wallet to pay and accept cryptocurrency.
  • The on-chain payment is a transaction executed on the blockchain. The on-chain payment is made between two different wallets: an internal OgoShift wallet and an external wallet. For instance, if a customer pays with ETH using an external wallet, but a merchant uses OgoShift Commerce and its internal wallet, the transaction is on-chain. If the merchant wants to receive a recurring fxedamount payment, OgoShift enables the creation of smart contracts that charge a fxed amount based on time. At the time of writing, only ETH can be used in this manner. Besides Ethereum, VogoV will allocate research and development resources to investigate smart contract deployment on other blockchains such as TON.

All the components of the infrastructure is under development. However, OgoShift's merchant account is already integrated with NATS and into VogoV.com, TeenMegaWorld, TmwVRnet. The merchant account is releasing in July.



Interesting ICO, i will check it.


Seems like a great project, looking forward to sales. 


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