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updated 01 January 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Apr`18-30 Jun`18
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About Vite

Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales. Vite events and tickets are verified through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain decreasing promotion costs as well as the prevalence of counterfeit tickets. Vite is unique in that allows event planners to select exactly who receives an invite to events, show real-time footage of events, and to share events on the app from other social media platforms. This is ideal for all events and significantly decreases the cost of hosting private events, corporate events, and even pop-up shops. It is the most efficient way to create, market, and promote events and is designed to save event promoters money and time.

Vite is an innovative platform created with event-goers and promoters in mind. Vite appeals to the masses because of its simple to use interface, its unique ability to streamline event planning, promotion, ticket sales, and its social media interoperability. Currently, there exists no other application with the look, feel, and capabilities of Vite.

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, Vite can provide a decentralized event hosting and ticket distribution network. Companies and individuals can create events, buy, and sell tickets through unforgeable cryptographic VITE tokens. By decentralizing event promotion, Vite significantly decreases the cost associated with event marketing and promotion as well as the buying and selling of tickets.