Virtonomics ICO (VIC) ICO

updated 09 February 2018

Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of mainstream cryptocurrency VICoin, based on MMO business simulation

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 01 February 2018
End: 31 May 2018
Cap: 400 000 USD
Goal: 4 000 000 USD
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VICoin is a mass cryptocurrency based on Virtonomi

Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency VICoin, based on the alternative virtual economy development.

Virtonomics: Key Facts

  • Trust project, 10-years-plus on the market
  • Most renowned MMO business simulator globally
  • Over 2 000 000 registered users
  • Audience is gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, university students
  • Top notches on Google Search
  • Available in multiple languages

Problem to be Solved:

Tall financial, technological and intellectual hurdles of mining as a means of earning cryptocurrency on the mass market

  1. Mining as the main means of income is not optimal for the average user
  2. Mining involves huge investment and overhead expenses
  3. "Domestic" mining farms are no rivals for industrial operators
  4. The margin in mining is decreasing


For cryptocurrencies to become a truly massive phenomenon, it is initial to provide a much clearer and more familiar way of its generation (production) in addition to industrial mining as itself.

Virtonomics divides the platform for cryptocurrency creation into two processes:

  1. Mining of blocks, left for professionals providing the technological basis of the cryptocurrency
  2. Digging as the activity which is meaningful and comprehensible for the general user, while delivering the value of and demand for the cryptocurrency


The Competitive Edge

  • The total number of people with even superfluous knowledge of blockchain technologies, mining, cryptocurrencies and their mode of operation accounts for no more than 0,01%
  • The bulk of people with understanding of business, entepreneurship and management counts at 20% (2000 times as much)
  • No need to be a miner to earn cryptocurrency
  • Investment in digging start at USD 50 (by an order of a magnitude less than mining expenditures)
  • Zero overhead costs
  • Low transaction costs


Using dedicated smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain will store the data on:

  • Total number of VICoin in circulation;
  • Balance of VICoin on player’s account and fund flows;
  • Purchase and ownership of digging units;
  • Conversion of Virts game bonuses into VICoin tokens.

Additionally, the smart contract will implement the functionality of settlements between owners of virtual companies and hired managers according to labor contracts

Usage modes

  1. You are the person who decides on the management of your virtual company and digging units
  2. Hiring staff for high-performance management and scalability of virtual companies earning VICoin.



One of the strongest advantages of the project is the team that has been working with each other for many years. This in a positive way distinguishes Virtonomics from most of other projects.


This project is worth investing to, as it is not just an ordinary ICO, but an ICO based on a good-quality final product with a huge initial base of clients. It is also an educational platform! Great project with high potential of growth.


The project deserves 5 stars, for sure. Just forgot to mark that.