Victorieum ICO

updated 28 October 2018

Offshore Bank & Crypto Exchange

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Status: ended
Presale: 20 Oct`18-05 Nov`18
Public sale: 06 Nov`18-20 Jan`19
Cap: 65 000 000 USD
Goal: 10 000 000 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Security
Country: Belize
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Victorieum aims to deploy its own Cryptocurrency Banking System, with its units situated off-shore. Victorieum Crypto bank will provide end-to-end banking services to its users like credit-cards, loans, asset management, etc. One crucial feature of the platform is mitigating security risks through mandatory KYC of the users. This feature will ensure the tackling of risks associated with cryptocurrencies while enabling people to invest, trade, and use Crypto Coins seamlessly. With its next-generation cryptocurrency, Victorieum Token, the platform aims to outrun the present day crypto-market limits. Victorieum platform’s high-level architecture makes sure that speed and stability are always a priority. We are revolutionizing the centralized finance market with the amazing blockchain technology. Victorium token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of crypto-economy. As the platform advances, state-of-the-art financial tools for crypto-payments, exchanges, banking, and financial services will be available for its customers.