Veridium roadmap

updated 11 October 2018

Veridium will reduce the carbon fiber footprint in collaboration with IBM

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 25 000 000 USD
Goal: 25 000 000 USD
Price: 1 CRB = 10 USD
Blockchain: Stellar
Offering type: Security
Country: Hong Kong
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  • EnVision Corporation

    Veridium’s journey started over twenty years ago in 1996, when founder Todd Lemons formed the EnVision Corporation.

  • Composite Technologies Intl.

    Composite Technologies uses recycled low-grade wood with a patented coating to make high grade finished architectural moldings.

  • InfiniteEARTH

    The EnVision team funded InfiniteEARTH, which authored the first internationally accepted accounting methodology known as REDD+.

  • Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

    Rimba Raya was the first validated REDD+ project and also became the first to earn Triple Gold certification under the CCB standard.

  • Eco-Smart Labs

    Launched by Envision, an environmental Fintech company.

  • Veridium

    Veridium is formed in response to the challenges of carbon accounting and offsetting expressed by these corporate clients.

  • Early Token Buyers

    Brian Kelly Capital Management buys into Veridium.

  • IBM Partnership

    Veridium partners with IBM and Stellar, it’s announced at Consensus Conference in NYC.

  • Early Development

    Basic backend service launches, with the ability to manage accounts and submit orders to the blockchain.

  • EcoSmart Portal Beta

    EcoSmart portal launches with capabilities to offset carbon emissions.

  • Beta Exchange API

    Beta version of Veridium Exchange API launches.

  • Beta Exchange

    Beta version of Veridium Exchange launches.

  • Veridium Exchange

    Veridium Exchange launches.

  • EcoSmart API

    EcoSmart API launches.