Ventana ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Anti-Piracy & content distribution platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 Aug`17-11 Sep`17
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About Ventana

The Veredictum platform is being designed to reduce film and video piracy, a $20bn global problem,by attacking the drivers of piracy, not just its symptoms:

  • Consumers not able to access content when they want, how they want and at a price point that is fair.
  • The lack of sufficient deterrents and tracking capabilities.

The platform is being built in 4 phases:

  • The ownership and distribution rights of producers’ content will be registered formally to a decentralized, global blockchain-enabled registry. A digital fingerprint is inserted into the video which links back to those rights.
  • Members of the creative community will act as nodes within a decentralized structure to enable the distributed search and detection of digitally fingerprinted video content. By providing their unused computing power and bandwidth, Veredictum will be the SETI* of pirated content. Nodes will be rewarded with VENTANA, our cryptocurrency token.
  • The community will be a strong anti-piracy advocacy and, as a result, will provide the
    infrastructure to enable “white-hat” peer to peer distribution.
  • The platform will build a marketplace directly connecting content producers to key
    market influencers & their “tribes”, who can buy content at defined market prices.
  • Content producers get access to new performance-based targeted wholesale channels.

Collectively, content would be available more easily and at market-based pricing with enhanced deterrents further providing incentives for consumers to pay for content rather than pirating it.

Utility of the VENTANA Token

VENTANA is an intrinsic part of the Veredictum anti-piracy and distribution platform and
represents the incentivisation structure required to economically motivate our network.
While the emotive component to creative professionals of reducing piracy is very strong,
economic incentives provide them with a business model to provide search and detection services together with peer-to-peer distribution services, to exceed their core costs – primarily electricity. Traditional routes to incentivization are inappropriate given the  minimum credit card fees of around $0.30c -$0.35c.

Strategic Growth Fund

Token fund held in escrow with 30 days’ notice to token holders designed to enable the
future acquisition of, or investment in, technology & technology companies appropriate to the platform.

Node Incentive Pool

Token fund held in escrow, with a reducing rate of annual release to incentivize nodes in the early stages of testing & to allow for differing electricity costs globally to ensure optimization of search and detection services.