ValueCash (XVL) ICO

updated 26 October 2018

Cryptocurrency reformation beyond limits

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Mar`18-31 Mar`18
Cap: No info
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About ValueCash

There is nothing more important than comprehending the brimming possibilities of the Blockchain Technology, widespread access to the Commerce Sector. Full participation in the Crypto-Economy to drive a new era of Commerce, Rewards, Development and Productivity.

Inflation has made the world forget about the GOLDEN AGE. We do not seem to understand why $100 in the year 2001 can not afford what it could, this year. Yet, wages and salaries are not increased while death rate increases in war, crime and diseases just to mention a few because we can not afford our future.

ValueCash as a cryptocurrency is designed with the concept of the PoT Protocol which empowers people to earn while they spend. With this, people will be encouraged to work harder and smarter. People will have more spending money and greater freedom of choice will take its shape among mankind.

OUR PROMISES                                                                                                                                 We are building a Blockchain and Commerce Ecosystem in a different dimension and we want our community to be part of it as our token Holders and Validators. As much as we believe in the democratization of digital transaction, we also believe in returning power back into the hands of the community.