V-Coins (VCS) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Hybrid cryptocurrency based on real values

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Nov`17-15 Dec`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About V-Coins

Why V-Coins
Because V-Coins:

  • has an intrinsic value
  • has a value basket with precious metals and ‘hard currencies’
  • puts 80% of the revenues derived from selling V-Coins by the system in the value basket
  • transactions are cost-free and instantaneous
  • has a low volatility due to the built-in algorithm
  • can replace FIAT currencies as means of payment
  • is based on a blockchain
  • is a tested cryptocurrency (four months of intense live testing)
  • has a full working wallet available
  • follows the KYC rules to avoid money laundering, criminal activities, and financing terrorism and is therefore poised to be in regulatory compliance in the foreseeable future
  • is anonymous to use but due the KYC rules still governed
  • is independent of banks and governments
  • has a centralized management providing control, customer service and marketing
  • is accepted by many companies as an alternative means of payment

What is the purpose of the ICO?

  • V-Coins aims to expand globally
  • V-Coins wants to enhance the wallet and the platform
  • V-Coins wishes to become the most widespread and used cryptocurrency
  • V-Coins intends to change the world of finance
  • V-Coins strives to develop additional areas of use for blockchains
  • V-Coins seeks to become an accepted currency with official trading on FOREX