Uservice (UST) ICO

updated 01 November 2018

Blockchain platform for auto service centers on the base of

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 300 000 ETH
(44 655 000 USD)
Goal: 3 000 ETH
(446 550 USD)
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Platform for auto service centers and autoindustry

A single global decentralized blockchain platform for auto service centers on the base of UREMONT.COM

Ethereum blockchain platform where smart contract system will be used not only for processing requests for the auto service and maintenance, but also for storing the history of every car on a single blockchain for further optimization by industry players.

Using blockchain technology, we are planning to create a new economic model of connections in the automotive industry.


  • The platform will connect all car industry representatives

Car owners, insurance companies, banks, auto service centers, parts distributors and many more others will be interested in joining our platform to expand their sales channels, increase profit and efficiency of provided services.

  • Blockchain technology

Recording any transactions in the ecosystem occurs instantly. In a matter of few minutes, you can choose coordinate and pay for the services of a repair shop, etc. anywhere in the world.

  • Distributed database

Storing the whole car history on the blockchain platform will make Uservice the leading aggregator of information in the entire car industry.



  • Quickly find the auto service centers at an affordable price and great quality
  • Receive discounts from the insurance companies for those who drive safe and take care of their car
  • Order parts from the manufacturer directly, which is the best price and quality guaranteed


  • Ensure the flow of customers without investment in advertisement
  • Get the best rates from the manufacturers for the ASC


  • Will be able to promptly make adjustments to the production process of the car at the plant on the basis of world class analytics according to the statistics of the most breakdowns


  • Provide an opportunity for themselves to buy a car directly from the manufacturer using Uservice platform
  • Find the history of the car and all the maintenance that was done to it at the time of the purchase (when and where what kind of maintenance was done on it)


  • Will form a more precise pricing policy thanks to segmentation of the car owners taking into consideration the periodical analysis of the car maintenance


  • As per detailed analytics, the volume of required parts will increase in the number of customers without additional advertisement expenses
  • Expand sales channels without spending on advertising

UST token

By incorporating an internal UST token into our ecosystem we created the mechanism of the community participants’ cooperation under the common platform rules.

Token Rate

UST tokens will be issued in a selected number during token sale. We expect that the number of participants in our platform will be growing, and as a result we will have UST token cost increase (because UST token uses disinflation model to work).

UST tokens will allow you to:

1.    Make payments inside Uservice community

2.    Exchange UST tokens into USX tokens (for details please see “USX Token”)

        As a majority of other tokens, we expect quick growth of UST token value during the first few days of listing. Any further growth of the token will be enforced by the increase of the platform participants number.

UST token will be used inside Uservice ecosystem. The cooperation between the community participants inside our platform will be based on this token usage.

USX Tocken

We will launch another token (USX) in 2019. It will be available for purchase using UST tokens inside our platform. Using all the necessary procedures we will validate this token as a security of Uservice Company.

    In 2020 Uservice Company will perform IPO when USX token holders can become real co-owners of Uservice. The USX token holders will be provided with 20% of share in Uservice Company.