Uranus (URAC) ICO

updated 27 November 2018

Uranus, the primordial god of the sky, is a symbolof a hope and future in Greek mythology, delivering light and power to every corner in the world/

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 15 200 000 USD
Goal: 15 200 000 USD
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About Uranus

It is no coincidence that the name of the project refers to the god of the Greek mythology Uranus, the symbol of hope who delivered light to the most isolated corners of the universe.


The mission of Uranus is to provide shared computing services to empower the redundant computing power of the world, taking the scope of centralized computing services beyond today's technology supplied by industry giants such as Microsoft or Amazon. Uranus will be based on blockchain to build a new, public decentralized ecosphere.