Ubcoin Market roadmap

updated 20 July 2018

Ubcoin market is the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrency for real goods and vice versa.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 02 Apr`18-28 Aug`18
Cap: 29 000 ETH
(4 019 690 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(277 220 USD)
Price: 1 UBC = 0.0001 ETH
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  • March - May 2018

    Conduct Limited Private Pre-Sale and Token Sale

  • June 2018

    Beta Ubcoin Marketplace developed for existing Ubank app

  • Aug 2018

    Larger development team is formed Beta smart-contract platform developed Support & veribication team formed

  • Sept 2018

    Beta-testing of MVP through existing app distribution channels with leading smartphone manufacturers

  • 4 Q 2018

    MVP launched in Eastern Europe Basic KYC framework developed

  • 1 Q 2019

    Full version of app launched in Eastern Europe App distribution agreements extended to additional regions Beta Open API developed

  • 2 Q 2019

    Launch in Middle East and South Korea Beta AI-screening developed

  • 3 Q 2019

    Launch in Southeast Asia and South Asia Open API made available to developers

  • 4 Q 2019

    Launch in Latin America Full AI-screening tool rolled out



Ubcoin will allow Ubank users to spend their fund in your OWN marketplace, pretty good. I dont want to say that you are greedy but i'm not sure the idea is interesting enough, I need to do research about this project. anyway, good luck!


Brilliant work from the Ubank team. They've already shown exclusive success and skill with Ubank and there's no doubt they will fail with Ubcoin. I must say that Ubcoin will make cryptocurrencies really easy to acquire


When i visit the site, and read about this project. I believe this project will be success, the idea of this project is so unique. They also have good team too to handle their project. With this unique idea and great team, there is no doubt this project will be success on the future.


I think the project definitely has the bright future ahead! Me myself i have some amounts in crypto but i find it quite challenging to use it if i want to buy something. The only way to spend it in Russia for example is to change to fiat money which is not easy and safe at all. It would be cool if we can buy real goods without converting crypto to fiat. I am with you guys! Good luck!


If big sites like OLX will implement these functions - Ubcoin is dead.