Typerium roadmap

updated 27 April 2018

IP Protected content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 May`18-23 Jul`18
Cap: 75 000 ETH
(20 247 000 USD)
Goal: 3 750 ETH
(1 012 350 USD)
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  • Website Design & Development

    Design and develop the website in a format that is attractive, concise, and clear for potential investors.

  • Brand Design & Development

    Create a core visual identity for Typerium that can work across multiple platforms, becoming fluid, adaptive, and identifiable.

  • Whitepaper Completion

    Launch the completed website ready for the Pre-Sale and ICO rounds. Create a variation of the Whitepaper for the Chinese investor market.

  • Website Launch

    Launch the completed website ready for the Pre-Sale and ICO rounds, with an integrated CMS system so users can view the site any language.

  • Typerium Token Pre-Sale & ICO

    Launch Pre-Sale & ICO funding rounds.

  • TYPE Protocol Development

    Initial development stages of TYPE Protocol Eco System to work within the decentralized application on iOS and Android platforms.

  • IA/UE Development for TYPE Protocol

    Develop Information Architecture and User Experience mapping for implementation of TYPE Protocol into the Typerium platform.

  • Design & Creative for iOS/Android

    Front End Design of the Typerium platform, including all core key functionality.

  • Development for iOS/Android

    Stage 1 development of the Typerium decentralized application.

  • Official Typerium ALPHA Release

    Release an Alpha version of Typerium with TYPE Protocol integrated for user testing and refinements before the the BETA release.

  • Typerium iOS / Android Roll Out

  • Brand Awareness

  • Multi-Platform Development

  • Typerium Global Creative Currency