Trivver roadmap

updated 01 January 2018

Monetizing Extended Reality

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-05 Jun`18
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  • 2013

    Foundational work on AR/VR Advertising Platform Commences $1.3 Million in Angel Funding

  • 2014

    Design Patent for Graphical User Interface Granted Utility Patent(s) for Randomly Altering Information in AR/VR Granted

  • 2015

    Utility Patent for Determining User Interaction in AR/VR Granted $0.5 Million Seed Capital Raised

  • 2016

    Utility Patent for Methods and Systems for Displaying Smart Objects in AR/VR Granted $4.3 Million in Series A Capital Raised

  • 2018

    Token Sale Real-Time Bidding Platform Development Phase I of Predictive Analytics Unreal Engine + WebGL Development EYE app for AR and Television AR

  • 2019

    USA Market Focus US Hosting Optimization and Blockchain Servers Phase I Predictive Analytics and Programmatic Advertising Platform Development Tier II Development Engines Additional AR/VR Applications Development Add China and Japan Market Focus Asia Hosting, Optimization, Blockchain Servers Phase II

  • 2020

    Domain Specific Language Development