TriipMiles (TIIM) ICO

updated 13 July 2018

Empowering Partners to Decentralise Travel

Token sale info
Status: upcoming
Start: TBA
End: TBA
Cap: 18 750 ETH
(5 321 625 USD)
Goal: 2 500 ETH
(709 550 USD)
Price: 1 TIIM = 0.00011363636363636364 ETH
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About TriipMiles

Unlike many blockchain projects that are building from scratch, Triip is already profitable with a close relationship with tourism boards in the Asia Pacific. It has a proven business team which create a dynamic ecosystem and can claim to be the world’s first and largest exclusive local tours platform.

Our decentralized platform, with the TriipMiles (TIIM) token at its core, will be the respondent to 3 key challenges in the travel world. TriipMiles protocol will aim to remove unnecessary friction in the travel space and align values in a way that creates incentives to locals, tour guides and travellers.