Triggmine (TRG) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

AI-driven Email Marketing Solution

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Apr`18-30 Apr`18
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About Triggmine

Email marketing automation is an unchallenged trend in the business world. Yet entrepreneurs are still not able to fully benefit from it because they lack the time or professional knowledge. We want to change that. With this in mind, we designed Triggmine, the first solution that allows entrepreneurs to run their business instead of email campaigns. This is possible due to the mix of artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and best marketing practices. 


1. Smart Email Marketing
Triggmine is a new level of how entrepreneurs can reach their customers. A personal campaign is created with just one click. 
2. Smart Contracts
The smart contract guarantees of fulfilled expectations; in other words, we take responsibility for our users' business results. 
3.  Artificial Intellegence
The intelligent system helps define unique customers' needs, thus making email campaigns cost-efficient


1. Business Owners
Switch Your BUsiness to a Play Mode
The smart contract will allow any business owner to fine-tune the email marketing approach without financial risks and wasted efforts.
2. Traditional Contributors
Support Proven Trends
Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. Be the first to contribute to an off-the-shelf solution based on blockchain technology. 
3. Crypto Enthusiasts
Participate in Email AI Revolution
Join the world of Triggmine, where cryptocurrency is not about raising money, but developing unique solutions. Crypto is good. Artificial intelligence is better. Crypto + Al is gorgeous! 
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2. WooCommerce
3. Shopify
4. PrestaShop
4. BigCommerce
5. Cs.Cart