TribeToken (TRIBE) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

A Decentralized Charity Platform

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    Status: ended
    Public sale: 24 Jul`17-14 Aug`17
    Cap: No info
    Goal: No info


    About TribeToken

    With TribeToken we want to create a way for people to reach those that are in need of help, by creating a decentralized charity platform where people can create their own charity projects and that way people can donate with TribeToken.

    More specifically the platform will provide a way for a charity projects to receive funds from people around the globe instantly, without incurring major transaction and conversion fees, that are part of the fiat currency system.

    After our platform is live we want to focus on our project called Tribe Economy. That is creating a local economy in developing countries by using TribeTokens.
    We made 10 000 000 tokens, that are designed for Tribe Economy. We want to teach people on how to use digital currencies and how they could use them in their daily life.