Trial Token ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Crowd sourced litigation funding on the blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Feb`18-12 Apr`18
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Trial Token

About Trial Token

Today, most cases never make it to court because of the high cost of litigation. Imagine if individuals or companies could support plaintiffs, whose cases they believe in, by providing funding for them to pursue their case. Crowdfunding websites have gained mass adoption to support meaningful projects and new products that we want to buy.

Trial Funds will support blockchain and smart-contract technology that connects plaintiffs with backers. Offering a platform for people who need access to justice, and also empowering the public to fund others in the pursuit of justice.

Trial Funds will review every case that’s submitted and post cases that have a high likelihood of winning or setting. This model is already common in places such as the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia, countries where taking legal action is costly. Even if you have a good case, you might not be able to afford the process of taking it through to trial.

At Trial Funds, we’re excited about using technology to combine a transparent platform with access to justice and a new kind of token with purpose.

Trial Funds Society is supported by a group of advisors from various business backgrounds and provide assistance and clarity as to the direction of the initiative. Trial Funds continues to develop certain applications and software for use in the Ecosystem. The Blockchain technology will eventually incorporate ‘smart contracts’ for the distribution of the funding.