Tresorio HUB (HUB) ICO

updated 10 August 2018

A transparent, decentralized, sustainable and scalable ecosystem, accessible through the HUB Platform, our computing resources aggregator.

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 05 Jul`18-20 Dec`18
Cap: 7 600 ETH
(1 553 668 USD)
Goal: 7 600 ETH
(1 553 668 USD)
Price: 1 HUB = 0.00002 ETH
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Tresorio HUB - Moving Supercomputing to the Edge

Tresorio HUB is a transparent, decentralized, sustainable and scalable ecosystem, accessible through a cloud platform, our HUB Platform, allowing an easier access to computing resources. These resources will be used for various use cases such as blockchain mining, 3D rendering, Machine Learning model training, or complex scientific computations. The HUB platform will be powered by our Green Network’s clusters and smart-boilers, as well as computing resources made available from thousands of contributors through decentralized marketplaces. Our ambition is to create an efficient ecosystem, democratizing access to computing resources to all types of users. We aim at disrupting the centralized paradigm in Cloud Computing.

Tresorio HUB aims at providing an additional solution to this problem by creating an aggregator of computer resources, based on its own decentralized and eco-responsible clusters network, the Green Network, and on the resources provided by individuals through various decentralized marketplaces. These resources will be leased to companies and individuals with recurring or nonrecurring needs so that they can use them to store and deploy all kinds of applications (AI, cryptoassets mining, video games, graphic rendering, scientific research, etc.).
As the growing need for computing resources is affecting the environment, the Green Network will consist of clusters, housed directly within buildings, both public and private, that will benefit from the heat produced by these servers. The rise of AI and blockchain technologies allows us to link the use of computing resources with the heat demand of the buildings that host them (our "hosts"). Thanks to a proprietary technologydeveloped in collaboration with our partner Dalkia, we are able to use this heat locally. Our cluster is thus transformed into a boiler for the building that puts its infrastructure at our disposal in exchange for the heat. This partnership gives us the opportunity to quickly equip public places such as hospitals, schools, public swimming pools, and residential or industrial buildings. Lastly, thanks to our experience in the development of quantitative algorithms dedicated to risk management, we can reduce the volatility of a crypto-assets portfolio by applying allocation constraints such as the holding of tokens of the marketplaces exploited (iExec, SONM, Golem, Storj, etc.). In fact, this approach is necessary to implement a real-time payment in HUB tokens into the HUB platform and thus an access to all the decentralized resources of marketplaces (“optimal allocator” algorithm). At the same time, we have equipped ourselves with intelligent tools to better manage the liquidity of orders sent to crypto-assets exchanges, as well as high-frequency algorithmic strategies with very low volatility. This quantitative toolbox allows us to reduce the global execution cost and therefore the final cost of the service offered by Tresorio HUB.