Tresaro - Selling is Caring (TRE) ICO

updated 15 November 2018

The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace platform that combines three sectors – e-commerce, crowdfunding, and charity

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Status: ended
Public sale: 23 May`18-01 Jan`19
Cap: 25 000 BTC
(100 372 250 USD)
Goal: 5 000 BTC
(20 074 450 USD)
Price: 1 TRE = 0.0001 ETH
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TRESARO - Selling is Caring

A marketplace where people buy and sell clutter. 
With a charity/crowdfunding twist!

Clutter is all the things we no longer need. All those items and products that clutter up our house. We can’t just throw them away because they’re perfectly fine and still worth something to somebody. 

TRESARO is the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace where people can get rid of their clutter and make some profit and help out a charity or a crowdfunding initiative. Truly a win-win-win situation.

TRESARO enables people to trade all kinds of items via the TRESARO ERC-20 token (TRE) and provides the option of donating TRE to their favorite charity. While donating is optional, sellers will be incentivized to be more generous with a percentage of their profit in return for various perks on the platform. Some sellers may choose to donate half or even all of the profit. Others may choose to donate 1% or zero. Everyone is free and no one will be judged.