Totipay Network (TPX) ICO

updated 23 September 2018

Send Money like you send information Send money across borders quickly, cheaply and securely.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Aug`18-06 Aug`18
Cap: 3 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 TPX = 0.08 USD
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Send money with the ease of a text message.

New FinTech start up Totipay invites global crypto currency investors to register for the TPX token pre-sale on March 26, 2018. Totipay is a new blockchain based online money transfer service. Totipay aims at taking a share of the USD 600 billion global remittance market, starting with the UK market & expanding globally over the next 2 years.

TPX is the Totipay Network & will enable users in the UK to transfer money across the world with the ease of a text message. Totipay will be available on an app, bringing the convenience of money transfer to your pocket. The Totipay digital wallet, powered by blockchain technology, can be used just like a personal bank account. It will give Totipay users the chance to trade, purchase or cash out whenever & wherever they want to. is raising funds by way of a token pre-sale & ICO of TPX tokens as detailed in the white paper on Purchase of the TPX Tokens will allow Buyers the opportunity to receive Services in, and use, the TOTIPAY Platform at a future point in time. The Token pre-sale is on March 26, 2018 & the forthcoming ICO is in May 2018.