updated 05 May 2018

P2P Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange. ZERO fees. We make crypto assets available everywhere to everyone!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 Apr`18-01 Jul`18
Cap: 500 ETH
Goal: 500 ETH
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MVP is ready

MVP was released weeks ahead of schedule.

P2P Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange

TOKPIE allows trading cryptocurrency with any fiat currency or other crypto assets, using any payment method, anywhere in the world. Guaranteed best prices through real-time auctions. ZERO fees.


TOKPIE is a unique peer-to-peer exchange where anyone, anywhere can buy and sell crypto assets for fiat money or cryptocurrency, safely and efficiently, through real-time auctions offering the best prices, using any payment method, FREE of charge.

TOKPIE offers traders of all skill levels sophisticated features with unlimited scalability in a variety of use cases.


Transparent Prices and Efficiency

Buy and sell any cryptocurrency directly with other verified users, for any fiat coins (swap) by bargaining on price through real-time, two-sided simultaneous auctions. All other peer-to-peer exchanges are simple advertisement platforms with limited functionality.

ZERO fees

Trade with no fees if your volume is less than US$100,000 or equivalent per month. Tokpie charges only high-volume traders a low fixed-fee subscription. Tokpie doesn’t charge percentage commissions like all the other exchanges.

All-in-One Tools for Smart Trading

Capture perfect market conditions by using Tokpie’s sophisticated features such as market screener, spread analysis, watchlists, price charting, price alerts and notification tools. Then, earn higher profits by striking the best deals with reputable traders, through online auctions organized in order books, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Highest security

Trade safely because Tokpie does not touch or hold users’ fiat money, so banks and/or legal authorities cannot intervene. As a guarantor, Tokpie holds 95% of sellers’ cryptocurrencies in 100% safe TRUE multi-signature hardware (cold) storage with only 5% of assets stored in the platform’s hot wallets, so there is no risk of deposits being hacked.

Unlimited scalability

Tokpie’s unique concept of encapsulating different parameters into tradable instruments and the peer-to-peer nature of the platform offers limitless possibilities, such as support for Dark Pool Order Books, private B2B Order Books, crypto indexes, mutual funds, options, P2P decentralized lending and leveraged trading.

Token Sale and Listing Framework for Start-ups

There is no need to develop cabinets for Token Sales and pay high entry fees to then be listed on exchanges. With Tokpie, start-ups can reach a ‘KYC/AML-verified’ audience of ‘hot’ contributors, avail of high liquidity, and customizable Order Books for pre-sale and post-sale listings.

Token Distribution

The number of TOKPIE tokens (TKP) issued is strictly limited.

No additional TKP will be issued after the public sale.

The total number of TKP issued =

[Number of tokens sold during pre-sale and main sale] / [0.65]

*For example, if 10,000,000 TKP are sold during the public sale, then the total number of TKP tokens issued will be 15,384,615.

Goal: The funds raised will be used for further development and promotion of the TOKPIE platform.

Tokenomics: All features and services on the TOKPIE platform can only be paid in TKP.

Token type: TKP is compliant with Ethereum blockchain and ERC20.

Currencies accepted: Ether (ETH) 

Token Pre-Sale

20% bonus is available during pre-sale

Start: May 01, 2018 (00.01 UTC)

End: May 14, 2018 (23:59 UTC)

Number of tokens available: 1,920,000 TKP

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH=1920 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005208 ETH

Soft cap: 500 ETH

Hard cap: 1000 ETH

Token final sale

Start: June 01, 2018 (00.01 UTC)

End: July 05, 2018 (23:59 UTC)

Number of tokens available is limited to the hard cap (25,000 ETH). Once the hard cap has been reached, the public sale will be concluded and no further TKP will be issued.

15% bonus during 1st week

1 ETH=1840 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005435 ETH

10% bonus during 2nd week

1 ETH=1760 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005682 ETH

5% bonus during 3rd week

1 ETH=1680 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005952 ETH

3% bonus during 4th week

1 ETH=1648 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006068 ETH

0% bonus during 5th week

1 ETH=1600 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006250 ETH