updated 12 August 2018

Tokeneo aims at being the very first exchange which you can really own.

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Status: upcoming
Start: 24 September 2018
End: 16 December 2018
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Tokeneo aims at being the very first exchange which you can really own.

The underlying idea behind Tokeneo is creating a cryptocurrency trading platform,
where everyone could participate on an equal footing in its development, influence its
shape and fully contribute to its success on a partner basis that so far have been typical
for the reality of big business.

It is common knowledge that irrespective of the current trends
dominating in the cryptocurrency markets, their exchange markets keep taking pride in
increasingly higher gains and the turnover in the token markets is constantly on the
increase. Seeing the market gap, we adopted a decision to develop the Tokeneo platform
– a cryptocurrency exchange that pays outs regular dividends to its investors, the holders
of TEO tokens.

We came up with the very idea of launching the Tokeneo project at the beginning of
2018, when we were beginning to raise capital for the purposes of the open cryptocurrency
fund Cryptoinvestia. In the course of working on the investment basket at one point we
had no option but to select the appropriate assets with low risk and high potential of
adoption and yield. Currently only a few projects can offer to their investors more than a
sheer promise of the peaking exchange rate in the future. Aiming at protecting in the best
possible manner the interests of the individuals wishing to entrust their capital to us, we
have decided to allocate some part of the accumulated funds for the construction of a
trading platform whose shareholders would participate in the distribution of profits
generated by it.