Time Money (TMY) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 14 400 000 USD
Goal: 2 400 000 USD
Price: 1 TMY = 0.000064 ETH
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Time Money

About Time Money

Ever wanted to meet someone- actor, artist, business person, guru or girl of your dreams for at least 15 minutes? Maybe you just need guidance in some area of your life from someone you respect? Maybe you need to advice on your business plan from some successful company owner? On the other hand, maybe you want to just sit down and chat with someone interesting in Starbucks nearby. We make sure, that meeting happens. Time Money application will create an integrated platform where all types of people can provide different services, coaching, consultation and meeting requester can create and request per minute calculated meetings with these people. We will ensure that these meetings are mutually beneficiary, great quality and rewarded. Meeting providers can receive requests for meeting fulfillment through a frictionless, Smart contract-based payment gateway with transactions recorded in Blockchain. We seek to provide users with a fast, simple, and secure method to find people with varying skill sets; as well as providing opportunities for people with varying skill sets. Currently there is no other application in the market, which allows you to provide skill set on demand and get paid for your time. Our per minute calculation system, payment system, rating system, verification system are on-demand service version 2. Current on-demand applications are niche orientated, as example, Uber does that for rides, Airbnb for rentals, however there is no united solution for persons themselves. We see that on-demand job market is growing and real value is quality time people spent working, communicating or helping each other. We ensure that this time provided are mutually beneficiary, great quality and rewarded. TMONEY coin will be used as payment for meeting provider time. TMONEY coin is controlled by the TIME MONEY users, which is independent and ruled by the community. We believe Time Money will replace traditional job market and provide new way how people use their time and get paid for it.