Tihosay ICO

updated 03 April 2018

TIHOSAY is an innovative payment network that allows its users to convert their cryptocurrencies into spendable capital.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Apr`18-30 May`18
Cap: No info
Goal: 5 000 ETH
(606 850 USD)
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We started modeling TIHOSAY in March 2017, which will leave all the problems behind and change the perspective of people for the crypto world, with our solution-focused team. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are revolutionary and offer speed, trust, and many other benefits in all payments,why they are still not widely used is a big problem.

We are very excited for pioneering the use of cryptocurrencies in all payments in the REAL sense. TIHOSAY will ensure easier, cheaper, faster, and safer worldwide use of cryptocurrencies for the users. Thus, we aim to increase the accessibility and usage areas of cryptocurrencies.

Shopping and using cash is very easy by converting 9 different cryptocurrencies to local FIAT with our TFC module (MULTI-CONVERSION). You can use it in more than 24+ million stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. in 160+ countries where VISA® cards are accepted.

The growth of cryptocurrencies with new projects being developed as a part of our lives is a digital revolution.We contribute to the actualization of these by supporting Blockchain ideas which are innovative and promising. We contribute to making your projects a reality by benefiting TIHOSAY EXCHANGE community.

We provide benefits to all people by using the affiliate system with TIHOSAY EXCHANGE that provides different advantages to merchants and users. TIHOSAY will provide trusted merchant credit in order to keep customer satisfaction and Merchant reliability in the foreground.Also, you can safely transfer all of your investments to your next generations with our inheritance system.

Development and change are inevitable. The innovative ideas that we develop are the most realistic face of the change.TIHOSAY is the most advanced model of accessing and using cryptocurrencies.