Thought (PreICO) (THT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Eliminate Traditional Apps with Data that Thinks

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Mar`18-13 Mar`18
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Thought (PreICO)

About Thought

Thought solves these challenges by abstracting arti cial intelligence from the application layer to the data layer. At its core, Thought disintermediates the application and embeds smart logic directly into every bit of data. Now, data is no longer inanimate, it becomes agile, able to act on its own, directly at the source of creation, distribution or action. Ultimately, the result is a new class of information that exists within an intelligent, blockchain-enabled Fabric.

Thought extends distributed, arti cial intelligence to massive data stores and existing systems. It eliminates applications and their related cost, complexity and scale issues. Because of its ability to embed intelligence into data itself, Thought has the potential to revolutionize both AI and the process by which arti cial intelligences are taught.

Thought is partnering with a variety of industries including electrical connector and IoT manufacturers, healthcare companies, and is engaged in creating a global developer network. It’s not just an idea: Thought’s premier offering is a licensable standard of development that can be applied to anywhere data is captured and stored. Since it is a standard it allows vast collaboration across otherwise incompatible systems or data types.

For example, Thought is working to embed its AI Fabric directly into logic control boards. This allows application layer-like intelligence to coexist directly on the board eliminating the need for third party data analysis and shortening the time to action. Now, the logic board that controls a hospital room thermostat can gather information, immediately communicate with the health system’s electronic health record and facilities management software and then raise, lower
or alter room humidity. All without an adjacent application, latency, cost or additional licensing.

Thought is open, deployable and ready to transform intelligent data as we know it.