The Fabric Token Ecosystem (Fabric Token) ICO

updated 15 December 2017

Drag-and-drop smart contracts.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Feb`18-01 Apr`18
Cap: 8 900 ETH
Goal: No info
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Transforming ideas into DApps.

The Fabric Token ecosystem aims to help people and businesses in adopting blockchain technology and its underlying smart contracts by providing a bridge between simple user interfaces and computer-understandable language. For individuals, we have developed TokenGen (soon to be released), which is a web application allowing anyone to easily generate smart contracts for their token and fundraiser. Users will go through a simple step-by-step process, selecting the functionality they need for their token and crowdsale, providing necessary info such as token name, symbol, etc, and then paying a small fee in Fabric Tokens before ultimately getting their smart contract code.

For businesses, we will create DApp Workbench, which will be a drag-and-drop desktop application, using the Electron framework for cross-platform compatibility, and will also have a cloud for testing and deployment purposes. In short, DApp Workbench will allow businesses to implement blockchain technology and smart contracts into their business process management thus helping them improve process times, efficiency, and cost (more extensively shown in the White Paper).

The last part of the project is the Fabric Store, a decentralized marketplace for smart contract components, which will allow third-party developers to complement our software by covering additional use cases for smart contracts, expanding the functionality scope of the Fabric Token ecosystem.

To summarize, we have identified that numerous multi-billion dollar industries could be radically improved by blockchain technology and smart contracts and we intend to provide software which will allow rapid application development for DApps, thus phenomenally speeding up innovation in the industry.