The Sun Exchange (SUNEX) ICO

updated 22 August 2018

Monetizing Sunshine

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Status: ended
Public sale: 22 Apr`18-21 May`18
Cap: No info
Goal: 100 000 000 USD
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The Sun Exchange

About The Sun Exchange

"SUNEX is our rewards token. Our members earn SUNEX from making purchases and building a diverse solar cell portfolio to upgrade their accounts. Higher user levels get bonus lease rates, discounts on purchases, priority access to projects as well as other useful perks." Additionally the SUNEX token has been designed to be staked into a Solar Project Insurance Fund (SPIF) to enable SUNEX token holders to play an active role in the solar electrification of the planet by providing generalised, portfolio-level support for all Sun Exchange solar projects. Each time Sun Exchange completes financing for a new solar project, it will announce the project’s total pre-tax procurement and installation cost (Project EPC Contract Value) and the Project SPIF Insured Amount to be covered with new stakes. The SPIF Administrator will then solicit SUNEX holders to stake tokens on the SPIF. As stakes accumulate, a number of reserved tokens will be segregated to create (1) a Staking Bonus Pool to provide a protective buffer to SUNEX token stakers against forfeiture of their staked tokens, and (2) Staking Rewards for future pay-out to SUNEX stakers. As each SUNEX stake is confirmed, the SPIF Administrator will cause 21.6667 percent times the Holder Staked Units to be segregated from the general pool of reserved SUNEX tokens: ● 10.9200 percent times Holder Staked Units, a portion of which will be distributed monthly as Staking Rewards in future ● 10.7467 percent times Holder Staked Units to be allocated to the Staking Bonus Pool, a pool of SUNEX tokens that will be used to settle insurance claims before Holder Staked Units may be forfeited ● If there are no portfolio defaults and all segregated tokens are distributed, the SUNEX staker will earn an effective 20 percent annual return in SUNEX tokens.