Tedchain Network roadmap

updated 17 July 2018

The self-contained high-speed global network and decentralized platform dedicated to gaming.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Jul`18-08 Oct`18
Cap: 21 500 000 USD
Goal: 3 500 000 BTC
(32 381 370 000 USD)
Price: 1 TED = 0.015 USD
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  • Build Cloud Portal Gaming

    Build Cloud Portal Gaming. Demo TED Marketplace. Build Gamechain Platform, Demo P2P Network and Tedcoin Hash

  • Develop Tedchain Technology

    Develop Consensus Protocol and build Tedchain Technology. Develop any games using Ethereum Smart Contracts

  • Build Voting System (Testnet)

    Build Voting System (Testnet). Publish Energy Efficient System. Develop Tedchain-JS and Tedchain-Secure.

  • Develop the Decentralized App Store

    Beta Web Wallet and Securely Communicate. Develop the Decentralized App Store. Demo Tedcoin Stratum Protocol.

  • Launch Crowdsale with special bonus

    Launch Crowdsale with special bonus. Develop Electronic Cash System. Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Release

  • Launch Game Ecosystem

    Launch Blockchain Explorer. Testing P2P Tedchain Mining Pool using Stratum protocol. Launch Game Ecosystem

  • Platform API Development

    Cooperation with Enjincoin. Platform API Development. Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis

  • Deploy Reward Engine (Testnet)

    Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Version Release. Deploy Reward Engine (Testnet). APIs for third party bots, games and apps

  • Develop Mobile Games Store

    Reward Engine Release (Mainnet). Tedchain Open APIs. Launch Gamification Technology. Develop Mobile Games Store