Teambrella (TMB) ICO

updated 12 July 2018

Peer-to-peer alternative to insurance. Live mobile apps. Launched in: Argentina, Peru, Germany, The Netherlands, The USA. VC funded.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 23 Jul`18-12 Sep`18
Cap: 10 000 ETH
(1 697 500 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(339 500 USD)
Price: 1 TMB = 0.001 ETH
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About Teambrella

Teambrella is a social app that aims to replace insurance.

  • Live Platform. Teambrella has already built its platform. The members of our six pilot teams already cover their pets, bikes, and cars with our iOS, Android and Web apps.
  • Worldwide. Our business model doesn't require an insurance license in most jurisdictions. We have pilot teams in the USA, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands.
  • $3 Trillion Market. Regulations prevent the insurance industry from being disrupted, so we've created a platform that doesn't provide insurance but removes the need for it.
  • VC-Backed. Prior to the token sale, Teambrella has raised $1.3M in seed funding from Shanda Group, the largest shareholder of Lending Club and Community Health Systems.

Learn more about Teambrella here: BITCOIN MAGAZINE | | CNBC

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