Taurus0x (TAUR) ICO

updated 23 September 2018

Taurus0x protocol intends to bring P2P derivative trading to blockchain, for any asset and over any network.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 Jun`18-06 Sep`18
Cap: 15 090 ETH
(2246146.5 USD)
Goal: 15 090 ETH
(2246146.5 USD)
Price: 1 TAUR = 0.0001 ETH
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Taurus0x protocol intends to bring P2P derivative trading to blockchain, for any asset and over any network. Taurus0x is not an exchange, rather a base layer protocol that powers derivative markets for exchanges of any type. Centralized and decentralized exchanges can simply plug-and-play Taurus0x into their ecosystem and have automatic support for derivative trading without a line of code. Traders are free to use Taurus0x client directly or an exchange they are used to. Taurus0x is an open source project intended to be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.


Taurus0x is a versatile protocol designed to be pragmatic and task-oriented. Taurus0x is asset-agnostic; this means it supports any asset with a price and not limited to cryptocurrency. Taurus0x is also network-agnostic allowing contracts to be transmitted freely over any medium (sms, email, social, etc.). And finally, Taurus0x intends to be blockchain-agnostic and operate over multiple platforms not just the Ethereum blockchain.


Smart Derivatives are contracts that behave like financial derivatives. Taurus0x uses state-of-the-art cryptographic functions to accomplish a high degree of security and data integrity.


Taurus0x operates in a brilliant off-chain / on-chain fashion while to preserve full decentralization. The off-chain nature of the protocol allows it to be a scalable solution capable to making a real difference in today’s financial markets. The chronological progression of a smart derivative is as follows:

1- Maker generates and signs a contract offline using a private key.

2- Taker verifies signed contract and provide their signature as well.

3- Contract is published to the blockchain. Funds are pulled from individual wallets into the derivative contract behaving as Escrow.

4- The contract is executed and the funds are settled on the blockchain in ERC-20.