Tap Project (TTT) ICO

updated 31 July 2017

Decentralized, Multi-Platform, In-game Currency

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Nov`17-05 Dec`17
Cap: 75 000 ETH
Goal: No info
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The Tap Projects primary initiative consists of developing a digital currency, along with partnering with a network of developers to allow a smooth, elegant and robust system that will allow the Tap Coin the ability to traverse multiple games and platforms. This would replace solitary in-game currency and allow tap coins to then be exchanged into other cryptocurrency or fait currency if the gamer so chose. Tap Project allows developers to create smart-contracts that act as Achievements or Easter eggs. Thus when an achievement is earned the contract releases the Tap coin to the participants wallet seamlessly. The opportunities are endless, as developers are given the ability to be creative all the while having the security of the block-chain

Imagine playing any game, earning its currency and having that currency hold its value and represent cash, in the form of Tap coin or fiat currency. Imagine, having the ability to transfer that in-game currency to another game and continue to build your “wallet” whilst getting paid to play. The Tap project breaks down the antiquated barrier of development and gaming and brings light to a new age of exchange. The Tap project will work to provide a payment system that looks to pay gamers for playing the games they love to play. No longer is “getting paid to play videogames” restricted to celebrities, hardcore gamers, or streamers, but we will open the flood gates for the everyday gamer also.