TalentSnap (TSC) ICO

updated 14 October 2018

TalentSnap is a platform that is using AI and blockchain to determine if an applicant and employer fit

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Oct`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 40 000 ETH
(7 410 400 USD)
Goal: 2 000 ETH
(370 520 USD)
Price: 1 TSC = 0.02 USD
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About ICO

TalentSnap is using blockchain to allow for a direct exchange of information between the candidate and an employer. Data is secured making sure that sensitive information is not compromised.

The most groundbreaking aspect of TalentSnap is its use of the AI technology that allows determining whether a potential candidate and an employer fit together, completely transforming the hiring process and making it substantially more effective.

In TalentSnap employers reward employees with TSC tokens that can be used for educational purposes, therefore creating a complete, tokenized hiring economy.