updated 01 January 2018

The Cryptocurrency for Consenting Adults

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Mar`18-30 Apr`18
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SWX Coin

About SWX Coin

The SWX coin is made for consenting adults.

With so much being said in the media about consent and acting on the wrong messages, the SWX coin was created to ensure like minded consenting adults can agree, meet up and have a good time.

Cryptocurrency is not just about bitcoin, cryptocurrency has unlocked the digital landscape to opportunities beyond your wildest fantasy.

The SWX coin is a swingers exchange and was created to ensure privacy, security & clarity between consenting adults, so you are in control of what you hunger and desire...

Consenting adults can purchase the SWX coin discreetly and anonymously to use within the digital wallet and through the use of our digital desire Dapp on their mobile or computer, they can specify what they want, need and what is taboo.

These boundaries are hard coded to any coin they issue in the form of a smart contract.

The receiver or acceptor of this coin then agrees to the stipulations within the smart contract, and this information is notarized and stored with the desire database.

The Dapp on mobile also acts as an anonymous i-beacon (SWX coin technology overview) allowing the user to push coins from their mobile and benefit from immediate liaisons.

Discretion and clarity is entwined for the bearer and receiver of the SWX coin, an agreement bound with your sexual fantasies.