SVPER roadmap

updated 07 October 2018

SVPER is the first mobile application that rewards its users for meeting new people in the real world!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 39 874 450 USD
Goal: 3 417 810 USD
Price: 1 SVP = 0,068 USD
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  • Q4’17 - Research

    The founders conducted an in-depth study of the online socializing industry and identified the current concerns and problems

  • Q1’18 - Conceptualization

    We formed a project team. It formulated the concept and ran the proof of concept past close friends, business associates and advisors.

  • Q2’18 - SVP Token Private Sale

    The team is finishing developing the marketing strategy and making necessary preparations for the ICO of the SVPER app.

  • Q3’18 - Prototype & SVP Token Sale

    The public sale is scheduled for August 28, 2018.

  • Q4’18 - The SVPER App Launch

    The development and testing of the app will be finalized. The MVP will include two levels of functionality: basic functions and freemium.

  • Q1’19- Country Expansion

    The team will continue to improve the app and build new features leading up to the launch of SVPER App 2.0.

  • Q2’19 - Ad Monetization

    SVPER app 3.0 will be realized with the advertising monetization model. A new revenue channel will allow us to expand overseas.

  • Q3’19 - Partnership Network

    We will start partnerships with more than 10 ticket-selling international and local platforms to release the SVPER App 4.0.

  • Q4’19 - Accelerating Growth & Monetization

    With SVPER App 5.0, we will launch the ambassador program, celebrity connection and social events.